Established in 1996 it was planned in order to develop and boost the productive structure of the previous individual firm-set up in 1979 by the then young entrepreneur Mr. Dante Conti, - which produced flexible tubes in aluminium, Inox-steel and zinced steel.

Thanks to their interpretative skill of the demands of the market, to the business know-how and a twenty-year experience, Conti Ltd impose themselves both on National and European Market as a qualified firm in the manufacturing of components for gas-boilers fumes discharge.
The constant investments made by Mr. Conti as years go in the field "Research and Development" are the foundations of Conti Ltd business skill to assure a qualified production and in the same time, an efficient industrialisation of their own productive and competitive process on the Market. Product quality and firm reliability are basic principles given by the Management to the various sector in order to have a competitive organisation able to assure and meet customers' requirements in every stage of their relation ship.

In 1993 Conti Ltd got recognition from the Jordanian Institute Ltd relative to tightness in the connections between tubes and bends in lines d=80 and d=60/100.

In 1996 Conti Ltd got Gastec-Qa n.96/071-01 and Q96/071-02, relative to bends in Aluminium die-casting d=80, male-female, at 90° and 45°, and tubes in extruted aluminium d=80,male-female, as security for the accordance of their own products with the most restrictive requirements in technical terms of efficiency and functionality suggested and attested by Gastec a qualified and independent structure.

Since 1999 Conti Ltd have been working in the new production factory, at present of 9.200 square metres and a total area of 42.000 square metres situated in the heart of the green country side of Pescara, at about 15 km. from the main motorway junctions Chieti - Pescara.